Explore Abruzzo through flavors: my food tours | Abruzzo4foodies

Abruzzo4foodies was the first to offer private culinary tours in Abruzzo since 2012! Tours are designed for small groups (max 6-8 people) and mainly run on weekends depending on the season. Activities are conducted in English, other European languages like French, German, Spanish and Italian may be available upon request. We proud ourselves in offering... Continue Reading →


Panettone Malverno: quando il Montepulciano da il meglio di sé | Abruzzo4foodies

Manca davvero pochissimo al Natale e già pregustiamo le prelibatezze tipiche che si preparano solo in questo magico periodo dell'anno. Le settimane sono scandite da rigorose attività di pianificazione e organizzazione culinaria che avrà il suo culmine appunto il 25 dicembre, giorno in cui oltre allo spirito ci si dedica evidentemente a soddisfare anche i... Continue Reading →

Abruzzo4foodies to speak at UniTE

I'm so happy and extremely proud to announce that I'm invited to deliver a lesson at UniTE Teramo University on December 1st, 2016. I will be hosted by the Faculty of Biosciences and Agro-Food environmental technologies within the frame of #TESR (Course of Eno-Gastronomy Tourism & Rural Development), I will be involved in a key theme that is how... Continue Reading →

Travel inspirations: where to stay in Abruzzo

Being a travel professional has its perks. As an senior business travel consultant, I've been spending all my days (for about 17 years now) listening to customers needs, reading between the lines, dissecting emails and words to understand real expectations and grasp hidden meanings behind (apparently simple) travel request. I'm strongly convinced that all journeys... Continue Reading →

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