Welcome to my world! I’m an Italian blogger, travel agent, globetrotter and wine lover from Abruzzo, Central Italy. I have worked in the business travel industry and travelled extensively over the last 18 years. During this time, I fell in love with blogging and created my personal blog Abruzzo4foodies to let the world know about my amazing region.

Abruzzo4foodies is a niche blog providing food and travel related resources about Abruzzo, central Italy’s best hidden gem. The main topics we focus on are food, travel, tourism and business promotion. Top popular posts include: Where to Stay in Abruzzo, 5 Awesome Instagram Accounts to Discover Abruzzo, 10 Piatti Vegan della Tradizione Abruzzese.

My readers are amazing Italophiles (95%) between the ages of 35-55 (80%) who love Abruzzo, Italy, food and travel. They’re extremely tech savvy, environment-friendly and interested in authentic tourism. 50% live in the United States, 30% in Europe, 10% in Australia and 5% in Canada.

How can we work together? We offer tailored services like ie. sponsored posts, property reviews, recipes development, newsletter shoutouts, tourist promotion, cooperation for projects & events launch, social media & marketing training session. Are you a public or corporate company? Abruzzo4foodies is also available for social media focused speech. You can reach out to me directly at emiliana.dellarciprete@hotmail.it to discuss over partnership ideas, pricing and any additional details including a request for media kit. To learn more about my work skills please stop by here.

Explore this wonderful Italian region through its genuine food and try a tailored culinary tour, a cooking class or a private tasting. Are you on a specific meal plan (ie.vegan, lactose-free, wheat-free, low FODMAP)? Let us know in advance to make sure we can design and deliver a food experience according to your needs.


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