Sunday market in Guardiagrele | Abruzzo4foodies

Abruzzo features many picturesque markets, where edible goods can be purchased at a reasonable price. One of my favorite spots for shopping is Guardiagrele (in the province of Chieti), where a lively food market runs weekly in a little square behind the main cathedral, surrounded by ancient buildings and open-air frescoes.

In the colorful stalls, it’s possible to buy excellent produce including fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, dried legumes, nuts, dairy products, cold cuts, and fabulous porchetta for a mid-morning break. A selection of seasonal flowers and plants is also available under the portico, where the coats of arms of the noble (and richest) families proudly hang over the stone wall.

To the population, the Sunday market also represents the peak of local sociality as people often meet there to discuss food and nutrition, share recipes and cooking secrets or simply look for seasonal diversity. Producers don’t simply sell, they usually love to tell the hard work lying behind those apples, as part of their job they like to share expectations, compare results, and sometimes complain about a bad harvest as well as inclement weather. Consumers seek good deals with an attentive eye to quality, they like to buy genuine food accompanied by a hearty smile and a thank you, please come back again! the oldest yet easiest way to retain old clients and conquer new potential buyers.

During my foodie tours, I often stop by at the market for tastings, as I envision food as one of the most creative ways to introduce my guests to the incredible variety of Abruzzese culinary traditions. Only by knowing and understanding raw materials one can really appreciate, learn and eventually enjoy the incredible local cuisine.

  • Info: Sunday market runs weekly (except on bank holidays) from 7.30 AM to 1.00 PM, for culinary tours & tastings contact Abruzzo4foodies via the blog.

See you there!


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