8 unique experiences to live in Abruzzo

If you chose Abruzzo for your summer holidays these are some tips to help you make the most of it: here’s my best recommended experiences to live at least once in Italy’s most unexplored region!

JAZZ IN THE MOUNTAIN (26 July – 22 August)

If music is more than an attitude for you, Muntagninjazz is the ultimate experience to explore amazing villages in Abruzzo: Barrea, Introdacqua, Prezza, Anversa degli Abruzzi, Roccaraso are waiting for you.


BUNGEE JUMPING (until 23 September)

If you are brave enough and keen to try the ultimate thrilling experience in Abruzzo, Bunjee Jumping Abruzzo is the perfect opportunity for you. Built in the early 50s, the Salle bridge is a single-span bridge overlooking the spectacular canyon of the river Orta. With its 100 meters height, Salle bridge is the tallest in central-southern Italy.

Credits @BungeeJumpingAbruzzo


Have you ever thought of practicing yoga in the silent valleys of Abruzzo? There is a few yoga retreats specialising in affordable yoga holidays for small groups, providing outdoor lessons during spring-summer. Also organic vegetables are grown and served to guests to complete a rejuvenating stay in Abruzzo. One of the best recommended properties is Shanti Centre in Teramo area.

Credits @ShantiCentreYogaHolidays


Don’t be surprised to know that Abruzzo is also a golf destination! Miglianico Golf Club  is located in the province of Chieti and was designed by Ronald Kirby, one of the most famous American golf architects. It features 60 hectares of greenery and a 18 holes course, surrounded by vineyards, olive trees, oaks and poplars. It is possible to rent a private villa overlooking the playgrounds, a home away from home to relax and enjoy golf at its best.

Credits @MiglianicoGolfClub


Do you love the sea but wish for some slow-paced experience far from the buzz of crowded beaches? Sailing is the perfect opportunity to discover Abruzzo and love it possibly more than you already do! Day cruise along the amazing Trabocchi Coast is now available during summer, you will explore the region from a unique marine perspective. The boat tour includes one fish meal.

Credits @Majellando


Abruzzo is a paradise for wine lovers, did you know that you may have a vintage wine tasting? Treat yourself to a backward dive in time to sample the “history” of the best wines of Abruzzo, sipping Bacchus’ nectars with more than 20 years. Upon request, Abruzzo4foodies is pleased to arrange a vertical tasting experiences which will allow you to understand the evolution of regional wines over time.

Credits @EmidioPepe


Let’s face it, traveling just isn’t as fun without good food. Learning about a cuisine is as vital to experiencing a new culture as the act of traveling itself. As a culinary explorer, you should always find yourself asking, “What do the locals eat?” By exploring the places you visit through local food, you help preserve the traditions and histories of regional cuisines.

Abruzzo4foodies teams up with Casale Centurione Abruzzo to offer cooking classes from garden to table. During our meet-ups you will learn how to prepare local specialties including fresh pasta.

Credits @CasaleCenturioneAbruzzo


Book a dinner experience with Abruzzo4foodies, we would love to host you on a delicious home cooking night! Together we will enjoy a real Italian family Saturday dinner.

We will prepare for you:
 a selection of appetizers served with Prosecco
 one main course (pasta or risotto) served with white wine
 one second course served with side dishes and red wine
 homemade dessert or fruit salad (depending on seasonality)
 Italian coffee and local digestives

Ingredients are locally sourced according to seasonality, foods are 100% homemade.

Credits @Abruzzo4foodies

Visiting Abruzzo is not so easy as it looks, my personal suggestion is to always rely on a local expert when planning your holiday in Italy’s greenest region. A travel professional can certainly help you select the best spots and create a stress-free tour tailored around you.

See you in Abruzzo then!

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