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My dear blog readers,

You may have heard of the terrible events that affected Abruzzo in the last weeks, no words can describe the pain our region and population are still suffering.

Through Italian Civil Protection it is still possible to help earthquake hit communities by donating money, however, if you REALLY want to help local villages, the best thing you can do is visit our beatiful territory and invest your money in local tourism. Every cent you spend in Abruzzo will grow local economy concretely, help families run their small activities and shops, give locals a chance to still believe in the future.

Because Abruzzo is magic, unique, fascinating, a truly hidden gem of Italy and it deserves your visit!

To help you plan your next holiday, I have hand-picked my favourite Instagram Abruzzo accounts, those people I trust when looking for travel inspiration. Browse their galleries and dream of being here, walking in the woods, breathing sea air or relaxing in the mountains. Abruzzo is waiting to be discovered, are you ready for it?


Possibly my favourite account! Pictures are mostly shot by the seashores of Vasto and give you an idea of how beautiful the Abruzzo seaside is, not only in summer but in winter as well. Through his gallery you can really visit Punta Aderci (our little Cornwall), literally walk on a Trabocco fishing machine or stroll on sandy beaches as if you were just there.



Enrico is a young photographer capable of capturing the essence of Abruzzo landscapes, even the most common ones. His shots are made of lights, shades and lines whereas human life is perfectly integrated and does not interfere with the majestic nature he captures through the lens. In his pictures I love the contrast between movement and stillness.



I love this account for the perfect balance between landscape and creative photography. Those shots where a human tries to capture clouds are simply brilliant!



Mastering B&W technique, this account captures daily life in Abruzzo turning normal people into extraordinary protagonists.



Details is the focus: most of the pictures concentrates on just one single element, creating surreal atmospheres and a vintage aurea. Luca is capable of reinterpreting real life in Abruzzo and make it simply unique.


Hoping to see you soon in Abruzzo then!


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