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If you are a regular reader of this blog or a follower on Instagram or Facebook you would certainly know that I have been running food tours for almost 4 years now, trying to provide travellers with a different perspective when approaching to Abruzzo. From the dramatic mountain peaks of Gran Sasso to the sandy beaches of the Adriatic coast, every inch of this region has something that will amaze and astonish visitors. And in between these sights, you’ll find an array of outstanding food and wine too. I always think about how deeply intimate and meaningful sharing food with people can be, food is a love language, a way to open up and get cozy. And this is exactly the reason that pushed me into the culinary tours business, bearing in mind the endless benefits that food sharing can do to a small territory like Abruzzo.

In June my friend Antonello, owner at Eco-B&B Primavera, asked me to organize a food blogtour that would focus on the culinary uniqueness of a small area, nestled in less than twenty square kilometers: he wanted me to create an attractive food itinerary to eventually drive people to one of the less kown parts of Italy. Antonello is such a determinated entrepreneur in tourism business, so passionate about Abruzzo that I could not help but saying YES to his project of micro territorial promotion. Together we named it #AbruzzoGustoKm0.

We selected three Roman-based bloggers, Maria Pasquale from HeartRome, Candida Cadé from Mmm.buonissimo! and Sabrina Tocchio from Nato sotto il Cavolo, and hosted them for 72 hours (packed with 11 food activities involving 12 local partners) with the promise of an unforgettable dip into the flavors of Abruzzo.

So it was, perhaps beyond expectations.

We drove throughout the villages of Canosa Sannita, Orsogna, Arielli, Tollo, Ortona and Guardiagrele, we ate all day from early morning to late night, we enjoyed welcoming people, great food and fantastic wines, penetrating the deepest soul of Abruzzo. If I close my eyes I recall laughs and smiles, and so many ooohhs and wooows!

If you are curious about our culinary wanderings watch this video produced by one of our bloggers, below you can find my personal top-10-list of foods, meals, wines and tastings we enjoyed on this tour:

  1. Vegetarian dinner at Casa Dell’Arciprete B&B: Anastasia and Tonino (the owners) served us a delicious homemade meal with fresh veggies from garden to table. My fav dish of the day: organic pears soaked in Montepulciano reserve wine. img_6127
  2. Scorzone truffles: freshly extracted bits were served with EVO oil.


3. Jams, preserves and sauces: thanks to Erica from Italiana THR we tasted different organic jams and vegetarian ready-to-eat dressings produced after an accurate selection of raw materials. My fav product of the day: Pumpkin Cream with truffles.

4. Vegan tasting at Cantina Cerretano: our lovely host Edvige presented us with an incredible array of vegan homemade foods from appetizers to desserts, served with Facciabella Pecorino, Kerù Cerasuolo and Angizia Montepulciano, all from 2015 vintage. My fav canapé of the day: peas and tofu baskets.

5. Seafood lunch in Ortona: the Barracuda Beach Club hosted us for a fab lunch by the sea, serving fresh seafood in a wow location. My fav dish of the day: fusilloni with clams and wild asparagus.

6. Honeys: Diego and Noelia, owners at Le Api di Papà (Daddy’s Bees), share life and work and are indeed a sweet pair! Their annual produce of honeys and pollen is carried out through bees nomadism, researching for the best production spots to get unique and unrepeatable fragrances. I was moved by how they treat bees, they literally love and cherish them exactly like their children. My fav product of the day: cherry honey.

7. Wine Tasting: the Mayor of Tollo warmly welcomed us at the Eno-Museum, the first wine museum of Abruzzo opened in 2015. He personally made a historical excursus on the production of wine in the area of Tollo, finally a professional wine tasting session happened while we were sitting on the rooftop terrace. My fav wine of the day: Spumante Passerina Brut by Cantina Tollo.

8-course salt cod dinner: this was for the bravest of us! We ate at a typical trattoria prouding itself in keeping traditional food alive and unchanged over the years. The dinner included several variations of salt cod, made with love by Signora Caterina and her son, who graduated at Abruzzo’s top cooking school. My fav dish of the day: roasted salt cod with peppers.

9. Le Sise delle Monache (Nun’s Boobs): I can’t describe the incredible flavor of this delicate sweet, let this picture speak for them.

10. Lunch in the olive farm: Il Trappeto di Caprafico is absolutely one of my favourite places in the world, I’m mad about the symmetry of the vineyards and the majesty of the olive trees that fiercely grow among the rocks. My fav dish of the day: cured Intosso olives.

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#AbruzzoGustoKm0: Alla scoperta del cuore verde dell’Italia (itinerario 1)

#AbruzzoGustoKm0: Alla scoperta del cuore verde dell’Italia (intinerario 2)

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