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Being a travel professional has its perks.

As an senior business travel consultant, I’ve been spending all my days (for about 20 years now) listening to customers needs, reading between the lines, dissecting emails and words to understand real expectations and grasp hidden meanings behind (apparently simple) travel request. I’m strongly convinced that all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware, my mission is to help make the most out of it.

Hotellerie is a passion, a subject I’ve long been trained in through personal studies, professional researches, inspection activities and hundreds of thousands hotel rooms purchased on behalf of customers. I love to keep myself updated on hotel trends, I regularly read reviews and blogs, I’m devoted to benchmarking, I urge and value travellers’ opinion when selecting an accommodation, I could die without googlemapping at least once a day, I suggest travel apps, I always say Thanks for your call! even to the most phlegmatic manager asking for that long-haul-roundtrip-flight-leading-to-the-middle-of-nowhere the very last minute before my work day is over.

I travelled extensively and slept in so many hotels that it only takes 30 seconds (sometimes even less) to figure out which service is to be expected, what level of attention is paid to customers, why would I stay there or complain soon after saying hello to the staff. Without any shadow of a doubt, I seriously consider myself a serial hotel killer: I can easily recognize a unique property or a hellish place, I can discriminate quality with just a few clicks on the website and clearly figure out what I should expect, I look at the details first because they make the global design.

I often wonder if it is possible to find those details I long for in Abruzzo and the answer is YES! Take a look at my personal picks of unique retreats, offering innovative accommodation, friendly approach and high-end services.

Sleeping among fireflies and figs in Casoli

Sustainability, outdoors living, top class level of service, relaxed environment, welcome to Italy’s (and Abruzzo’s) first yurt retreat! Opened in 2015 this property offers a little luxury wrapped up in beautiful canvas yurt, furnished with a charming en-suite and a luxurious king size bed. A 16 sqm romantic hideaway among the secluded hills of Abruzzo.

Fireflies & Figs Casoli
Fireflies & Figs Casoli

Studio Mare e Monti in Caprafico

What is a studio? It consists of an efficient accommodation unit (25 to 45 sqm), mainly composed of a single room used as a living room and bedroom. Kitchen facilities may be present in the main room or in a small alcove, and a separate bathroom provides convenience and privacy. Studio Mare e Monti Holiday Home in Abruzzo elevates the concept of living: the house is nestled between 240 olive trees and more than 100 roses, with splendid views over the mountains and the sea. Wine and olive oil tasting in the surroundings make this stunning place a perfect destination to unwind and relax.

Mare & Monti Studio
Mare & Monti Studio

2 Hearts and a bell tent in Serramonacesca

Desperately seeking for a unique though low impact holiday accomodation? This bell tent offers comfort, privacy and enough space for two! The tent is made of 100% waterproof cotton and has been specially designed so that the inside stays cool in higher temperatures. It is equipped with mosquito vents and ground sheets inside to keep out as many bugs as possible, sides can be rolled up to give your accommodation a sort of canopy effect, linens and towels are provided, as well as kitchen equipment. Stille there? Just pick the best view between two National Parks, pitch your tent at Kokopelli Camping and take it easy! This property also offers yoga sessions in summer.

Kokopelli Camping
Kokopelli Camping

The treehouse you’ve dreamed of in Corvara

This incredible wooden treehouse can accommodate two people and has just enough room for the bed and a wardrobe. Essential and genuine living among the branches of an almond tree, this treehouse is perfect for a romantic weekend with your special someone!

Tree house In Corvara
Tree house In Corvara

An alcove for fashionists in Guardiagrele

Mister Bed Abruzzo welcomes its guests with a fresh modern design, absolutely total white, together with stunning views to be enjoyed from the panoramic terrace on the 4th floor. Discover the white city of Guardiagrele, go for a Friday aperitivo, do some shopping or just relax, this B&B will make you say WOW!

Mister Bed Fashion B&B
Mister Bed Fashion B&B

City Luxury in Sulmona – Gramsci 29 

This brand new property will leave you speechless, it consists of a superb apartment in the old city of Sulmona with two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, a modern kitchen and spacious living areas, beautifully decorated with high quality fittings. My friend Katy is an excellent host and will help you make the most out of this lovely village. Definitely not to be missed!

Gramsci 29 in Sulmona
Gramsci 29 in Sulmona
Are you a hotel or B&B owner in Abruzzo and want me to review your property? Drop me a line here, I would love to hear from you and pay a visit!


*quote by Martin Buber

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  1. Thank you so much for including us in your round-up! We really appreaciate it and hope to welcome lots of your readers to ‘Gramsci 29’ in Sulmona sometime very soon…


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