An invitation to speak at University of Teramo | Abruzzo4foodies

I’m so happy and extremely proud to announce that I’m invited to deliver a lesson at UniTE Teramo University on December 1st, 2016.

I will be hosted by the Faculty of Biosciences and Agro-Food environmental technologies within the frame of #TESR (Course of Eno-Gastronomy Tourism & Rural Development), I will be involved in a key theme that is how communication and social media can contribute and add value to developing local food tourism.

The course of Eno-Gastronomy Tourism & Rural Development focuses on the issues concerning the relationship between rural development and tourism, especially in light of recent deep changes in tourist choices. The course aims at providing students of Food Science, Technology, Viticulture and Enology with opportunities for reflection on the concept of multifunctionality of the agricultural enterprise and the role of agro-food products in the development of the area.

To introduce students to a more direct and practical way to solve professional problems, the lessons will be exploring some successful case histories. This choice intends to pursue an active learning mode and will be enhanced by the presence of some testimonials and professionals from the tourism and travel industry. The invited speakers will share their professional knowledge and experience, pointing out the opportunities offered by new forms and strategies of rural economy, that is fast developing key sector.

Full speakings program is available here, for any suggestion or comment please drop me a line.

See you soon in Teramo then!

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to UniTE and Dr. Rita Salvatore for inviting Abruzzo4foodies. It is a privilege and a honor to share my personal experience with your students.


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