Central Italy earthquake: where to buy typical foods and help local economy | Abruzzo4foodies

After the repeated quakes strucking central Italy since August, many small family farms producing or selling typical products were affected. Despite over 28.000 citizens had to leave their homes and move to safer temporary areas or coastline cities, there are people who simply cannot abandon their farms and animals for fear of being robbed of what was not damaged by the terrible earthquakes.

Donating money to Civil Protection is certainly a way to help relief efforts but buying local products will also make an important contribution to many families in need. I have collected a list of farms and companies you may want to support in Umbria and le Marche:

Il botteghino della Gricia (near Amatrice) – Shop is actually closed but available for delivery
Castelluccio di Norcia – Local typical foods from Norcia
Tasting Marche – Local products from Marche and Sibillini Mountains
Norcineria Felici (Available for delivery) – Products from Norcia, Cascia and Umbria
Norcineria Ulivucci (Available for delivery) – Legumes, pasta, oil and wine
Prodotti tipici di Gaffi (Available for delivery) – Legumes, cheese and products from Cascia and Umbria
Il Norcino di Campi di Norcia – Craft salami in Norcia
Norcineria F.lli Ansuini – Salami from Norcia
Lanzi – Cheese and salami
Moscatelli tartufi Norcia – Open and available for delivery
Norcia Food Online (Available for delivery) – Norcinerie, salami and cheese
Brancaleone da Norcia (Available for delivery)- Cheese, salami, hams, Norcinerie
Renzini – Local hams
Agrisviluppo todiano srl (Open and available for delivery) – Organic cereals and legumes

For art lovers, ARTQUAKE project will help support earthquake affected communities by donating money for each art work sold.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the excessive traffic on the websites of companies, servers suppliers may experience slowdowns or interruptions. It is suggested to save the contacts and check back soon. Also keep in mind that many of landline phone numbers could not work properly due to plant damages. You can send an email and request an alternate phone number.

FOR MORE INFO AND CONTACTS: Valnerina Online and Sibillini Web

Thanks for your help!

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