A wine feast: celebrating San Martino | Abruzzo4foodies

The Summer of San Martino is a precise period in autumn when, after the first frosts, climatic conditions are relatively good and temperature is warm. After the grapes harvest is completed, in these days new wine barrels are open for the first time to taste the newly produced wine.

The feast of San Martino happens every year on November 11th and marks the celebration of wine as well as traditions, that are renewed with a reinvigorated spirit of sharing: people gather with family and friends, sitting around the table or in front of the fireplace to drink the new wine produced a few weeks earlier, combined with roasted chestnuts.

This moment of intimate conviviality and culinary pleasure involves different generations: around the fire, young and old ones, parents and children, uncles and nephews chat happily together, indulging in past stories or anecdotes about the production of wine.

The proverb of the day is “On San Martino, each must becomes wine” therefore if the result was good anyone will have plenty of wine to drink all year-round!

Happy San Martino to you all!


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